Policies and procedures for the protection of personal data of SMART PROCESS SAS guide The purpose of this manual is to comply with the legal, constitutional and jurisprudential provisions concerning the development of the constitutional right that all persons have to know, update and rectify the information that has been Collected on them in databases or files relating to article 15 of the Political Constitution, as well as the right to the information enshrined in article 20 thereof. Object To regulate the policies and procedures that will be applicable in the management of personal data information by SMART PROCESS SAS, according to the provisions contained in law 1581 of 2012 and decree 1377 of 2013. Responsible for the treatment Company Name: Smart Process SAS from now on SP. Phones: +57 310 8523529 main website: www.smartxrm.com Email: support@smsrtxrm.com Responsible: Mauricio Molina – General Manager. Scope This manual is applicable to the personal data of natural persons registered in the databases relating to employees, potential employees, retired workers, shareholders, suppliers, potential suppliers, customers and users (in the Relevant) of SP, which are susceptible to treatment. It shall apply to personal data which are the object of collection and handling by SP. If in future, other legal entities become part of SP the manual will apply to those. This manual shall not apply to: (A) data for personal or domestic use only. Data for the purpose of national security and defence, as well as the prevention, detection, monitoring and control of the laundering of assets and the financing of terrorism. To the data that contains state intelligence information. To data from journalistic information and other editorial content. To the databases and files regulated by statutory law 1266 of 2008. To the databases and files regulated by law 79 of 1993. Definitions For the application of the rules and procedures established in this manual, and in accordance with the provisions of article 3 of the statutory law 1581 of 2012, it shall be understood as: Authorization: Prior, express and informed consent of the holder to carry out the processing of personal data. Database: Organized set of personal data to be treated. Privacy Notice: Physical document, electronic or in any other format, generated by the person in charge of the treatment that is made available to the holder for the procedure. Notice The Law on the protection of personal data recognizes and protects the right of all persons to know, update and rectify the information collected on them in databases or files that are susceptible of treatment by entities of Public or private nature. Your data in this form as well as others that you can do in this portal will be treated under this law. This website uses cookies to offer you a better experience and service. When browsing or using our services the user accepts the use we make of the cookies. However, the user has the option to prevent the generation of cookies and delete them by selecting the corresponding option in your browser. In case of blocking the use of cookies in your browser it is possible that some services or functionalities of the Web page are not available. If you want your information to be treated in a different way or removed from our records please contact the email support@smartxrm.com where this type of application is handled.