TERMS OF USE OF ACTIVE LEISURE MOBILE APPLICATION These Terms apply to the use of Active Leisure Mobile App installed on the User's device. The Active Leisure app is offered by Smart Cognition AS. The company is an ideal corporation and social entrepreneur. Dividends are not distributed to the shareholders, all profits remain in the company or given as gifts to projects and organizations with the purpose of improving living conditions for people with disabilities. The Active Leisure app is part of Aktiv Fritid's digital platform for sharing information on leisure activities, where the information is adapted to the individual's level of understanding. Primary target groups are people with cognitive impairments as well as their family, friends, caregivers and other close relatives. By downloading the app you agree to and accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You at the same time warrant that you will at all times comply with applicable law and do not in any way use the Active Leisure app for unlawful purposes. CONTENTS Smart Cognition maintains and further develops Active Leisure platform to the best of its ability. Smart Cognition will, as far as possible, ensure that the information content is up to date and in accordance with current legislation, for example. related to privacy. However, Smart Cognition disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the information and whether the information is in violation of applicable law. Smart Cognition also disclaims any liability for the applicability of the Active Leisure app, including the fact that the app can be used without interruption or error, as well as your any loss of profit, income or indirect damage arising from your use of the Active Leisure app. Active Leisure app requires access to the Internet, via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Smart Cognition has no responsibility if Aktiv Fritid app cannot be used due to lack of Internet access, nor is it responsible for accrued costs to your mobile operator / internet provider for use of the app. You agree that there may be changes in the Active Leisure app without prior notice. Smart Cognition can close the app at any time, in whole or in part, for a good reason. PICTURE COMMUNICATION SYMBOLS The Picture Communication Symbols (“PCS”) accessed with this software may not be used to create materials in print or electronic form, whether for communication or instruction, except by a single user in conjunction with the user’s own use of this software. Users of this software may not rent, lease, or lend PCS symbols, or provide them to any online service or commercial hosting services. Users may not sublicense, assign or transfer any rights to the PCS, or authorise all or any portion of the PCS symbols to which the user has access to be copied onto any computer or other device. INTANGIBLE RIGHTS All Active Leisure app's intellectual property rights (trademark, domain name, copyright and any patents) belong to Smart Cognition. LICENSE With this agreement, Smart Cognition gives you the right to use the features and retrieve the information available at any time in the Active Leisure app. The access is customized individually for each user and can be modified at any time by the user himself or by another user delegated this responsibility to. You agree that this agreement does not entitle you to use Smart Cognition's intellectual property rights and that any unauthorized use may form the basis of a claim by Smart Cognition. THIRD PARTY RIGHTS Smart Cognition does not in any way warrant that your use of the Active Leisure app does not infringe the interests of third parties, including, but not limited to, software rights. Smart Cognition is therefore not obligated to indemnify you if you are subject to third party claims as a result of your use of the Active Leisure app. USER INFORMATION To use the Active Leisure app you must register as a user. You agree that Smart Cognition may store and use your information as described in the Smart Cognition Privacy Statement. The privacy statement is available at https://smartcognitionas.com/privacy-policy.html. Location data is used in the app to show activity offers in your neighbourhood, but this feature can be disabled by the user. INFORMATION SECURITY You agree that by signing up and logging into the Active Leisure app, the app is in use without the need for a new login until you log out of the app. DISPUTE Any dispute that may arise regarding current conditions and which cannot be resolved amicably, shall be settled by the general Norwegian court in accordance with Norwegian law.