The Client has the rights to the analytic data as stipulated by the agreement upon availing of the service. This data is available in a dashboard format or a report format. For the dashboard the following stipulations apply. 1. The client will be given an admin username and password (that should be changed after first login) that can be used to access the dashboard through a web portal accessible in our website ( 2. The client is responsible for distributing the access to the dashboard to their personnel. Unless the access was granted by RETAILGATE, RETAILGATE is not responsible for the spread of the data through illegal access of the dashboard. 3. The dashboard shall be held secure by RETAILGATE. Access to the dashboard will be limited to the users that the client’s admin specifies. Upon request, the dashboard can be taken offline. 4. RETAILGATE is responsible for ensuring the protection of the username and password as it traverses from the website access to the dashboard. RETAILGATE however, is not responsible for the security of the information sent from the terminal to the webpage. RETAILGATE will put in place security channels that will prevent phishing and password hacks. However, any virus or backdoors in the terminal is not within RETAILGATE’s responsibilities.