Terms of use The Customer agrees to use the Service in accordance with its purpose and the provisions of the Contract. Any use of the Service is deemed made by the Customer who guarantees that its users respect the obligations of the Agreement. Customer is solely responsible for the use of the Service, the nature and content of messages and data hosted, stored, transmitted or received through the Service. He will not use them, and will make sure that they are not used for unlawful purposes, contrary to public order or morality, in violation of the provisions of the applicable laws or regulations or the rights of a third party, nor will it cause loss or damage whatsoever. The Company cannot, in any way, be held liable for any damage whatsoever resulting in particular from the non-compliance by the Customer with the regulations in force, error or omission in messages or data hosted, stored, transmitted , received or consulted by the Client. Warning related to the Internet network The Customer acknowledges that he is fully aware of the lack of reliability of the Internet network, including the lack of security, confidentiality, integrity guarantee and performance. The transmission, use or exploitation of data, accessible services or content available via the Internet will be made at the expense and risk exclusive to the Customer. As such, the Company can not be held responsible for any data, services or content that the Customer may have transmitted, used, exploited and / or introduced on the Internet and any harmful consequences that may result for the Customer or a third party. http://www.ngine.co/skycgs/#!TOS_1810.md