End User License Agreement The installation of this software is conditional to the user accepting this agreement and thereby agreeing to abide by its terms. The products from kalmstrom.com Business Solutions have been thoroughly tested and are created in such a way that they interfere as little as possible with the functioning of other programs. However, Peter Kalmstrom and kalmstrom.com Business Solutions cannot be held responsible if damage arises to the user's computer or data through improper use of the software. The international copyright treaty, Article 4, equates computer programs with literary works. This means that you are not allowed to redistribute this software without clearly stating the author of the software as Peter Kalmstrom or kalmstrom.com Business Solutions. This product is created to facilitate modifications, and the registered product may be modified for internal use within your organization or for your client’s use. You are not allowed to modify the product to create another product for open sale or to modify it in a way that removes the time limit for use without registration. You may to use this software for 30 days, to evaluate it. After that period you must either buy a license and register the product or stop using it.