Expertflow Microsoft Dynamics Unified Service Desk CTI Connector

Terms Of Use

Installation Instructions

  1. Use the link below to download Unified Service Desk installation setup.
  2. Navigate to the downloaded unified service desk folder, you will find the package deployer folder.
  3. Open the package deployer folder and unzip the contents of
  4. Run PackageDeployer.exe file, setup will run and it will require your CRM Dynamics server credentials.
  5. Navigate to the downloaded unified service desk folder agin and install the Unified server Desk on the client machine.
  6. Now please use the below link to download Expertflow Connector
  7. Execute MS Dynamics CTI Connector.msi installer on client machine.
  8. When asked, please provide the location where unified service desk is installed.
  9. Please contact Expertflow for accessing Cisco Lab environment to test the connector with Cisco Contact Center.