HSO Innovation AG SaaS Customer Terms These HSO Innovation AG SaaS Customer Terms (“SaaS Terms”) form the basis for the HSO Innovation AG Customer Agreement (“Agreement”) governing a HSO Innovation AG Software Solution as a Service Product (hereafter the “Software Solution”), supplied to Customer or Licensee (“Customer”) by HSO Innovation AG (“HSONN”) or a HSO Innovation Partner (“Partner “). The Agreement consists of: • These SaaS Terms • The Customer Order Form Important By installing, having installed, or using the Software Solution and service, Customer accepts these SaaS Terms. If Customer does not accept them, do not install, have installed or use the Software Solution. If Customer complies with these SaaS Terms, Customer has the rights as described below in Section 3. If an individual uses the Software Solution on behalf of a company or other legal entity, that individual represents that he or she has the authority to bind that entity to the use of the Software Solution. See further: https://www.hso.com/innovation/saas-customer-terms/