SUPPLEMENTAL END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR CISCO SYSTEMS VIRTUAL DATA CENTER SOFTWARE PRODUCTS: IMPORTANT: READ CAREFULLY This Supplemental End User License Agreement (“SEULA”) contains additional terms and conditions for the Software licensed under the End User License Agreement (“EULA”) between you and Cisco (collectively, the “Agreement”). Capitalized terms used in this SEULA but not defined will have the meanings assigned to them in the EULA. To the extent that there is a conflict between the terms and conditions of the EULA and this SEULA, the terms and conditions of this SEULA will take precedence. In addition to the limitations set forth in the EULA on your access and use of the Software, you agree to comply at all times with the terms and conditions provided in this SEULA. DOWNLOADING, INSTALLING, OR USING THE SOFTWARE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF THE AGREEMENT, AND YOU ARE BINDING YOURSELF AND THE BUSINESS ENTITY THAT YOU REPRESENT (COLLECTIVELY, ""CUSTOMER"") TO THE AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT, THEN CISCO IS UNWILLING TO LICENSE THE SOFTWARE TO YOU AND (A) YOU MAY NOT DOWNLOAD, INSTALL OR USE THE SOFTWARE, AND (B) YOU MAY RETURN THE SOFTWARE (INCLUDING ANY UNOPENED CD PACKAGE AND ANY WRITTEN MATERIALS) FOR A FULL REFUND, OR, IF THE SOFTWARE AND WRITTEN MATERIALS ARE SUPPLIED AS PART OF ANOTHER PRODUCT, YOU MAY RETURN THE ENTIRE PRODUCT FOR A FULL REFUND. YOUR RIGHT TO RETURN AND REFUND EXPIRES 30 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE FROM CISCO OR AN AUTHORIZED CISCO RESELLER, AND APPLIES ONLY IF YOU ARE THE ORIGINAL END USER PURCHASER. Definitions “CPU” means a central processing unit that encompasses part of a Server. “Evaluation Term” means a sixty-day period during which the Software may be used solely for trial or evaluation purposes, free of additional charge. “Instance” means a single copy of the Software. Each copy of the Software loaded into memory is an Instance. “License Term” means the period of time during which you are authorized to use the Software to deliver information technology services to your internal or external customers. The License Term varies depending on the license fee paid. Certain License Terms are perpetual, where so indicated by Cisco. “Server” means a single physical computer or device on a network that manages or provides network resources for multiple users. Each Server must meet or exceed the following CPU requirements: Intel Nehalem, AMD Barcelona and a clock frequency of 1.9GHz. Software installed on Servers not meeting the CPU requirements will result in reduced or no functionality. “Software” means the CSR 1000V, successor versions, or other virtual software products that Cisco determines shall be governed under this SEULA. To run, the Software requires VMWare ESXi version 5.0 or higher. “Term” means the License Term and any Evaluation Term. “Virtual Machine” means a software container that can run its own operating system and execute applications like a Server. “Service Provider” means a company that provides information technology services to external end user customers.   Additional License Terms and Conditions 1. Cisco hereby grants You the right to install and use a single Instance of the Software during the Term. Upon expiration of the License Term, an Evaluation Term commences unless and until You renew the License Term by payment of the required license fees. Following expiration of the Evaluation Term, the Software will function at a significantly reduced throughput. 2. The Software may be deployed on a Server or Virtual Machine; provided, however, each Instance of the Software requires payment of the applicable license fee. 3. The Software may be licensed for use by a Service Provider or may also be licensed for use by You to deliver hosted information technology services to your employees and contractors, or to those of your affiliated companies, subject to the terms and conditions herein. Description of Other Rights and Obligations 1. Please refer to the Cisco Systems, Inc. End User License Agreement for additional terms governing the Software. 2. Services for the Software, if any, shall include only those services for which the applicable fee has been paid, except that no services shall be provided during any Evaluation Term.