1. General Provisions 1. Limited Liability Company "Fidesys" (hereinafter referred to as Fidesys) offers you access to SaaS "Prove.Design" (hereinafter referred to as Prove.Design) on the terms specified in this End User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as EULA). This EULA can be changed without any prior notification, and the new version of this EULA shall supersede all previous versions of this EULA. This EULA shall come into force starting from the moment of your agreement to its terms by pressing "Subscribe" or "Buy now" button. 2. Description of Service 1. Fidesys offers users access to a cloud-based version of Prove.Design software. The currently existing version of the program and any of its modifications are subject to this EULA. 2. The Prove.Design application is provided "as it is". Fidesys does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of the complex programs, and is not responsible for possible delays and disruptions in the functioning of service, as well as for incorrect or untimely delivery of information to users. 3. In order to have an access to Prove.Design service it is necessary to have a computer and Internet connection (WWW). All matters related to the acquisition of rights for access to the network, including buying and installation of appropriate equipment and software, must be solved by you and are not covered by the Agreement. 3. The Behavior of the Registered User 1. You understand and agree that the person whose personal information (name, e-mail, etc.) were used is responsible for all the data, text, and software loaded into Prove.Design. This means that it is you, and not Fidesys, who is totally responsible for the consequences of opening non-standard files with the help of Prove.Design. 2. You agree not to use Prove.Design for:  Uploading programs and data into Prove.Design, except for CAD models  The deliberate violation of local law, Russian Federation law, or international law  Promoting actions aimed at violation of the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by this Agreement 4. The Right to Use the Registration You agree not to reproduce, repeat, copy, sell, or resell any parts of Prove.Design. By subscribing to Fidesys, you get a non-transferrable right to use your registration for access to Prove.Design service. Fidesys is not responsible for any agreements between you and third parties. 5. General Provisions on the Use You acknowledge that Fidesys may impose limitations on the use of service, including the CPU time, the number of projects and the maximum disk space allocated to the user. Fidesys is not responsible for any delays, interruptions, deletion, or failure to store any user information, including the results of calculations, models, and parameter files. You also acknowledge that Fidesys can change the rules and limits at any time, with or without prior notification. 6. Termination of Subscription You agree that Fidesys reserves the right to block or delete your account, or terminate your account and delete any data as if deemed necessary by Fidesys for any reason including violation of this EULA. 7. Property rights Fidesys Fidesys grants you a nonexclusive and nontransferable right to use Prove.Design, provided that neither You nor any other persons under your auspices will copy or change Prove.Design; create derivative works based on Prove.Design; penetrate into the software in order to obtain Prove.Design program codes; sell, assign, lease, transfer to third parties in any other form rights to the software provided to you by the Agreement, as well as to modify it, including the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to programs. 8. Exemption from Warranties You understand and agree that: 1. You are using Prove.Design at your own risk. Service is provided "as is". Fidesys does not accept any liability, including for compliance with service purposes. 2. Fidesys does not warrant that: the service will meet your requirements; the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, and the results that can be obtained using the service will be accurate and reliable; the quality of any product, service, information, and other things obtained by using services will meet your expectations; and all software errors will be corrected. 3. Any data obtained by your using Prove.Design can be used at your own risk. You will be responsible for any damage that may occur to your computer and your data after downloading of these materials. 4. Fidesys is not liable for any direct or indirect damages that occur due to: the use of or inability to use the service, unauthorized access to your communications, and statements or conduct of any third party services. 9. General information 1. This EULA is a binding contract between you and Fidesys and governs your use of Prove.Design. 2. You and Fidesys agree that all possible disputes over the substation will be resolved according to the norms of Russian Federation law. 3. In view of the gratuitous services provided within this EULA, the rules on consumer protection cannot be applied to it. If the EULA will be given the onerous nature, it will be modified in order to comply with these standards. 4. Nothing in this EULA can be understood as establishing an agency between you and Fidesys, partnership relations, relations on joint activities, relationships, personal recruiting, or any other relationship not expressly provided for in the Agreement. 5. Recognition by a court of any provisions of the Agreement being invalid or unenforceable will not entail invalidation of other provisions of the Agreement. 6. Inaction of Fidesys in case you or any other users breach of the provisions of EULA does not deprive Fidesys of the right to take appropriate actions to protect its interests later, and does not constitute a waiver by Fidesys of its rights in case of subsequent or similar breaches.