General Conditions First: Delivery time and system requirements. The delivery of the product will be conducted within the agreed terms, from when the order is confirmed. ATOMIAN will take whatever steps are necessary to correctly implement the product into the CLIENT's facilities, and commits to delivering the necessary documentation and permissions to ensure the client can exploit the installed system without any kind of hindrance. Client systems requirements. • Processor from Intel® Xeon® E5 with 4 colors. • 32GB of memory (desirable 64Gb) • 1TB HDD • Windows Server® 2008 or higher (64 bits). • Remote desktop access from the internet. Once the product has been made available, services related to integration and training will be provided by the COMPANY, depending on the availability of its personnel, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding national and local public holidays, depending on the availability of its personnel. The impossibility of carrying out one or several services included in this agreement, for reasons not attributable to the COMPANY, will not exonerate the CLIENT from complying with agreed payments. Second - Exemption from liability. The COMPANY will provide the services with the diligence of a good professional, informing the CLIENT at all times of any direct or indirect knowledge about the use of the system to be integrated and any fact, circumstance or improvements to that System and/or Software. The CLIENT will cooperate with the COMPANY and provide it with all the information, material resources and reasonable assistance necessary that the COMPANY requires for the correct and adequate provision of services. THE COMPANY does not assume any responsibility for the loss of data or programs contained in the equipment due to hardware, software or handling error. In no case will the COMPANY be responsible for the non-availability of the contracted Service, errors, access delays or any anomaly or defect resulting from connection problems that originate in the CLIENT’s system or as a consequence of the CLIENT’s fraudulent or negligent use in the maintenance of its connection system or general problems in the Internet network, fortuitous events or force majeure, any other contingency of an unpredictable nature or any other cause not attributable to ATOMIAN. Once integration is complete, each and every one of the consequences that may arise from any modification, loss, destruction or breakdown of any kind affecting the CLIENT's data, hardware or system, is the client's responsibility and risk; the client is thereby fully responsible for all risks and accidents, even those occasioned by fortuitous events or force majeure, that may occur to the program that is the subject of this agreement. Third - Non-payment. Any non-payment will generate in ATOMIAN's favour, the interests outlined in Law 3/2004, of December 29th, establishing measures to combat late payment in commercial transactions. Likewise, ATOMIAN will be exempt from providing support and rendering the services contained in this agreement should payment not have been made by the client on the agreed date. Fourth - License update. The license for the use of the Software that is the subject of this agreement has an unlimited duration from the date of acceptance of this agreement. If the client contracts Atomian license maintenance service, the Company will install the updates to this technology in the time frames coordinated by the client. Should the client not have contracted maintenance service, ATOMIAN undertakes to inform the CLIENT of the updates available, as well as the current rates for obtaining them. If the CLIENT is interested in these updates, they must pay 100% of the price per update. Fifth - Multi-company licenses. Likewise, the Software may be adapted for use by third parties, upon request of the CLIENT, and by paying 50% of the price established in this agreement for each new user company. Sixth - Transfer of rights. The CLIENT is prohibited from assigning the rights and obligations derived from this agreement to third parties. Seventh - Intellectual property. Each of the parties will retain their intellectual and industrial property rights over their contents, trademarks and logos; this Agreement does not in any way assume any transfer thereof to the other parties. The information subject to intellectual property rights that arise from the relationship between the parties and that is developed exclusively for the service defined in the first clause, will be exclusively used for that purpose and the parties cannot make use of this information without prior written, express and unanimous authorization by both parties. The authorship and rights of the Software subject of this present agreement is the Company’s and the CLIENT has no right over it, with the exception of the use that ATOMIAN allows it, under the conditions established in this contract. Eighth: Confidentiality and secrecy. Both Parties agree to keep these pacts confidential and secret, as well as all and any of the documents and information to which they have access, during and after their relationship, pledging to not disclose or make known to any person, the other Party’s secrets. In the event of termination of this Agreement for any reason, the Parties undertake to reciprocally deliver immediately any confidential documentation that they had in their possession. ATOMIAN, for purely commercial purposes, may publicly disclose that it provides services to the client and use them as a success case without that act acting contrary to this confidentiality and secrecy Clause. Ninth: Competence and Jurisdiction. In the event that differences arise in the interpretation, compliance or execution of this agreement, the two parties expressly waive their own forums and domiciles and voluntarily submit to the competence and jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Barcelona. Tenth: Data protection. Each parties’ data must be treated in accordance with applicable legislation, and in particular Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data, 15/1999 of December 13th (hereinafter, "LOPD"). Regarding the personal data of the Parties, once this agreement is signed, they will appear in the corresponding file and will be processed in order to carry out this contractual relationship. The recipients of this information are in certain cases, collaborating entities that provide necessary services, as well as official bodies that by law require access to it. The Companies guarantee absolute confidentiality of the aforementioned data at all times. If the parties so wish, they may exercise their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of data, by writing to the notification addresses included in this agreement.